Arie & Tash

We are Arie & Tash, wedding and portrait photographers based in Hamilton, New Zealand, who just so happen to be married and have two beautiful kids together. We like to think we’re the perfect balance to each other when it comes to photographing weddings and families. Arie is the quiet creative type, while Tash is the organised people person. Photography is a dream come true for us and lets our creative nature breathe. We find ourselves looking at life through a lens for work and pleasure and feel so very lucky that we get to document all the little moments so that they last forever.

Father, husband, photographer


Loves: His family, buying new camera gear, cartoons, trying to make the perfect coffee, over-sized burgers

Does not love: Tash’s driving, the ‘suffer-ring’ wedding joke, Cardi B


Arie’s the awkward introvert, the quiet artist, the relaxed one, constantly recognised from his years as a nightclub photographer in Hamilton’s underbelly. He’ll be the one getting overly excited because “argh the light is so good here”. Arie started his life of photography in high school, shooting film and developing prints in the darkroom, but it wasn’t until he was 20 that he decided it was time to pursue it as a career. Originally wanting to shoot cars for magazines, he spent a summer shooting with a company doing weddings, and with an instant love for capturing people, emotion, connections and the thrill of unpredictable wedding days, he was hooked. Arie has only ever cried at one wedding, his own, and says he won’t again until his daughter gets married, but has never left a wedding without being on a massive high.

Mother, wife, photographer


Loves: Family time, mochachinos, old people trying to use cameras, terrible music (Cardi B) and birth stories

Does not love: Bananas, the heat, the cold, Adam Sandler


Tash is the extroverted people person, the talker, awkward silence filler and Arie’s voice of reason. She describes herself as a professional people herder, pinhole flower fitter and time keeper. Tash has always had a need to be creative, mainly through drawing and writing until meeting Arie and discovering her passion for photography. While being chucked in the deep end and learning on the job 4 years ago, Tash developed an eye for detail, seeing the light and capturing those heartfelt moments. She’ll be the one capturing your vows through tears and the first to give you a hug and congrats after the ceremony before whipping everyone into line for those family shots. Tash also has huge passion for all things babies and birth, so she’ll be the one you see taking the reins for those birth, fresh 48 and newborn shoots too.

think we sound like your kind of people?